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Do not Delete .exe virus?

Antivirus Action Virus - Need help please

Ads by Cleanignite - Malware/Adware? CAN'T GET RID OF IT

Antivirus Scan Malware Infection Need Removal

Chitka/facebook style pop ups and redirecting to other websites

File Recovery malware: multiple symptoms

Fixed XP recovery infection

Autorun.inf USB Worm

File recovery virus?

Infected locked files?

insert File Dialog Box Files Appear In Reverse Order (ms Outlook)

mywebsearch tab opens along with home page

advertisement Popup - Surfaccuracy

Go For Files -- will NOT remove I need Combox Fix help please.

adwordsredirect virus/malware

Clean the O.S. part of computer

Out of ram issue

Data Recovery Virus Problem with Unhide

recommended for you popups and chronic redirects

JUMP Spyware.

nnnoheda.dll File And Others Causing Continuous Pop-ups

Recommended for you

open with prompt with everything after running malware bytes

More Results Hub ads Hijacking my new tab page and search engines.

Project Oreon and other popups won't go away.

Malware Doctor infection changing settings

Security Protection virus won't leave me alone

DECRYPT_INSTRUCTION.txt - Not sure what's going on

System Check Malware

System Security Malware on My Machine

Open with all hard drives

Ultimate Trivia PC Malware and Short Code Text Message Scam

search Engine Pop Unders Smitfraud Detected

open with virus and other virus stuff

System Fix infected

System Fix virus infection

Security Protection popup + google redirect

permission trojan wont run anti malware apps [Moved]

search-daily Bug

Personal Security virus/How do I remove

This computer is being attacked malware

Windows XP Recovery hid programs. How do I bring them back?

Virus Program has taken over my computer

Security Antivirus has infected my desktop


Your system is infected background

spyware Toolbar Installed On Its Own

you Have A Security Problem Will Not Go Away. Please Help

System Error. Hard Disk Failure virus. Cant run TDSSKiller or GMER

YOU HAVE BEEN INFECTED unable to completely remove

Windows can't ck. for updates--caused by infection?

(Inappropriate) Pop-Up Website every 15 minutes (believed to be Trojan from a download)

(infected with spyware/malware or virus i think)

Win 7 Security 2012 and McAfee turning off

(MSN) Blocked contact

(sorry Guys) Various Virus And Malware

win##.tmp Or .exe Popups

$Recycle.Bin malware

* Undetecable Virus or Malware on Computer? *

.dll problem

webhelper.com redirecting firefox search

.crypted files

*Log file - computer messed up badly.

*My computer is infected

.dll error

.dll file problems

.crypt infection and encryption of files.

System Security Virus - slow operating system

.dll problems

*.mdi file. How to open?

*Spyware - Dyfuca*

.Crypt File extension

(Firefox) Search Engines redirecting to Youtube

.dll errors

.src infected

.crypt files

Windows Safemode Virus

XP Anti Spyware infection. Cannot boot computer

.exe file auto downloaded

/safeboot Issue

? About Config On A Router Firewall

. Please help me get rid of these unpleasantries.

.Exe's disabled--Definitely a virus and/or rootkit


.lnk And .exe File Issues As Well As No Picture On Icons

.iso To .exe?

.trashes trojan/malware.

(Need Help Removing Virus)

.exe and a driver file error

.exe files do not run after combofix cleanup

?ATTENTION If your computer was struck by the virus

[Hiding your PC online] Tips + need tips

~help With My Malware Problems.~

[Computer 1] INFECTED

[W7] Suspition of malwares/infection


[ Help] Seriously Infected

`computer infected with virus

(unknown) Malware/spyware Infection

<- persistent redirect rootkit makes me feel like this

? Not sure what is going on -- Malware?

[HELP] Suspected rootkit

* complilty search thing. I cant get rid of it.

.Flv cleaneup? Rencode-unpixelate?

.scr file virus

[ask] How To Connect To A Net Printer Running Xp Os From Win 98 Os

?possible Malware

[Infected] Need help removing Adware/Malware

[speaker testing proves that sounds are emitting from the wrong speakers.

[Laptop computer] Malware

>Start >program list >PROBLEM

.lnk Appeared On All Desktop Icons

\HardDisk0\MBR infection picked up by TDSSkiller

?s Re: Backup And Restore

[Trojan generation] Tying to find who creates an autorun.inf in USB-Drives.

*urgent* Connecting Projector To Laptop

10 GB of Corrupt Data - Virus/Trojan Suspected - How to remove?

[unkown] hidden rootkit

14 Spyware And 5 Hacking Tools Found With Panda

14 year olds infected pc

> My Laptop is getting destroyed by spware/virus. HELP

> AVG Disabled

2 ADS could not be removed

10 minutes to boot AFTER virus removal.

123.exe need help removing please

2 Windows

2 Windows In A Pc

1 IE window open at a time

2. hard drive not working after virus attack

2 os on 1HDD

2 OS's 1 PC. How to Create a Partition

2 Computers Infected Please Help Tried EVERYTHING

2 laptops infected and pc

2nd Computer is infected

3 virus found in my comp and AVG cant delete them


3 Trojans Found And I Can't Remove Them Please Help

19.10.2015 Email Phishing Scam/malware UK

2 Log Post Deleted

2000 Server Suspected Viruses

2nd infected computer

@$#%$## viruses and adware

2 Operating Systems

2 instances of XP

2nd Laptop Possibly Infected

2nd Hand Pc - W3player And Popups With Ie6

2search browser hijacker

2 copies of xp installed?

2 Operating Systems On 1 Computer? Or Compatibility?

2 Copies Of Xp On My Comp

2 Sets Of Speakers

16 cameras connected by VGA

2 PC's infected with Anti Virus Soft

3 laptops infected at once

2nd Computer - Service Provider Suspects Malware on my Laptop(s)

2search malware removal

4 month old computer acting funny

[HELP] Malware on my PC - Unknown Malware

2nd Computer possible infection SLOW

2 monitors

2003 server r2 infected with security virus

4 compiuters - all infected

3 Malware Infections in 3 days: Where do I begin?

5 month old pc acting wonky

2 PC's and a Mac laptop in need of redirect fixing

4 registry entries need to go away

1881.exe cannot be deleted

24x7HelpSvc and other infections I can't rid PC of

64 Bit Vista Won't Acknowledge 8 Gb Of Ram

75% Of Programs Dont Work After Updates And Defrag

8.1 folder appeared in downloads? Virus? Delete it? What do I do?

2 Files Infected With Trojans Help

2 Operating Systems On 1 Computer

A App.

A Bad Case of Malware

2 signs that always popup @ Start-up.

A few trojans infected my computer

a dll problem

404 nginx error leading to happili virus

91B5B023E5.sys removed

360 On Lcd Monitor.

A Computer Infection

A hacker might be monitoring my internet activity

A log for a friend

2 partitions to 1 -- PLEASE HELP

A Lot Of Adware

A Lot Of Internet Activity Without Browsing

A Sp-y-waree Or A Vi-russ Has Infected My Computer

A simply virus check

A lot of malware on this computer. Please help

A Pop-up Virus I Can't Remove

A specific program keeps asking me to give it administrator permission hourly.

A piece of spyware/adware is eluding me and making my compugter run slow.

A Lot Of Spyware/trojans I Can't Get Rid Of

A popup from Comcast that says my computer is more than likely infected by a bot; Virus protection detects trojan horse

a strange file extension

A good speed booster or router to get

A nero secured password DVD problem

A Reminder To Our Members Regarding Malware Logs

A virus keeps commenting lines in my etc/hosts file

A pause before certain websites

A Question About Updating

A malware that disabled all my anti-virus plus URL redirect and slowed down computer

a virus on my computer that program cant find

A TRULY hidden folder

A Slug Goes Faster Than My Pc.

A real bad malware attack

A potential malware infection

A Reinstall From The Programs Directory ?

ABI File Wont remove Possible Adware or malware came from

A Second Internet Connection - Im Being Hacked

A Rougekiller prevented from installing by Sys permissions

a virus that copies the image I'm trying to delete?

A Lot Of Stuff My Spyware Detectors Are Picking Up On.

A virus called c.vbs needs deleting/removing.

A Stubborn Malware

A New Generic Trojan On My System At Every Start Up

A Friends Pc Hacked

A virus? Or is it spyware? I just need it gone

A bit of a malware problem

A Problem With Adware

About To Throw The Laptop In The Trash

A GREAT guide to stay safe from computer infections

A Little Suspicious About My Computer.

A Program To Keep The Internet On

A complete clean of my computer

A ton of pop ups and ads

A lot of problems. So I think I'm infected

A Nasty New Root Kit

A possible solution to the Rootkit problems

A Nasty Virus/ Malware

a.exe Trojan Removal

Abnormally slow internet / blue screens

A Safe Download?

Access Restricted on Browsers

Access to Router Blocked

Accessing Program List in McAfee Firewall

A Virus Or Malware That Affects All My Antivirus Programs

A Program Was Blocked from using the internet

Accidentally Deleted All Of My Pictures From The Re-Cycle Bin

Acer notebook performance dramaticly reduced recently

A couple strange (to me) issues.

Access (sub)form

Accessing Restricted Files.

Accidentally replaced file

Accidentally Restored Factory Settings

Accidentally deleted parts of my OS and now cant directly access my windows explorer

Acer Travelmate 4060 believe infected with virus

Accessing A Website

Accidental Internet Download

Activate downloaded program

Accidentally Uninstalled Something?

Accessing Blocked Website Using Opera-tor

Accidentally Downloaded Virus

Account password issues and network issues. Possible infection.

A Whole Array Of Malware And Viruses

Active rootkit problem

Active rootkit. need help removing

Active Scan Reports Rootkit.acme-96 Hacker Tools. How Do I Remove It?

Ad pop-ups need help removing

Accidently downloaded wrong file from ad

accidently did a sys recovery and looking for missing things. plus now my computer is almost full and it has never been a issue.

Ad Popup

Active security malware traces still hanging around

Ad Pops And System Crashes

Ad Pop-up windows show when navigating

Ad pop-up with unknown cause

ad popups computer extremely slow

Ad Popups: Url.cpvfeed + More

ad popus

Ad And Spyware Infection - Help

Ad Popups - Qlink32 & Various Malware

Accessing Websites

Ad removal

accidentally installed seomthing bad

Ad popup problem

Ad popups and link redirection persisting

Ad Pop-up infection

Added external HD and am getting errors.

A viris that has been infecting my system after re-installing Windows

add/remove proggrams removed sound

Accidentally downloaded a virus. Internet Security

Ad/remove Program Problem

Ad on left and bottom of screen / I think I have keylogger

Adding .exe files to firewall?

Ad/Remove Software is not working

Active Rootkit on computer --Not able to run any antivirus/anti-spyware

Ad Browsers still popping up

Ad Virus

Ad Pages in Chrome HELP

accidently installed adware or malware. how to remove it?

Ad Pop-ups


Added Extra Ram Sticks

Adding a second sata drive to my system

AddeYaw Malware - how to remove

Adaware Crashes During Recommended Clean And Multiple Trojans

AdChoice; Mouse not working; Critical Stop Alarm going off; Memory borked

AdAware detects 5 malware that return after restart

About reformatting my XP computer.

adding a shortcut to desktop on windows 8

Admin acct has no admin privileges XP pro

Adding Ram

Add To Messenger List Request (yahoo)

Ad Pop Up/Virtumonde Infection/Antivirus 2009 Problem

Adding speakers

Adguard i cant see it in Add/Remove.

Administration rights hacked

Access to my computer my known person

Adding Links In E-mails

Add Dvd Subtitle

Admin disabling programs

Ad Popups

add-ons disabled

Address Was Blocked


Adding Wireless Network To Internet Explorer

Added memory

adk2x- Reinstalled windows and its still there.

Administrator Approval Needed

Adding ?trackid to the end of my search

Administrator Bypass

Administrator rights

Administrators Account on my Compaq Desktop

administraive rights?

Admin Restrictions Out Of Nowhere

Administrative Rights

admin rights in normal account?

Admin Rights Taken Away & Could not run anti-virus in normal mode

Address blocked

Add & Remove MB Mesurements?

Ads by Advertise won't leave

Ads Wont Stop Popping Up

Adds keep popping up

Adding Personal Folder To My Computer?

Acer Windows 7 Printing Problem

Adobe reader typing problem.

Ad Ware Problem

adding memory

Addware Pop-ups Are Getting Me Down

Ads in corner of browser and redirects

Advanced Virus Removal

Advanced Virus Removal -- really annoying

ads/video ads showing up in browser as well as redirects

Ads Posted within all webpages I visit.

adsoftinc pop-up problem

Adobe XI pro digital signature

Advanced Antivirus - cannot run Malwarebytes to Remove Virus

Advanced StystemCare Security Analyzer pulling up possible malware problems?

Add/Remove AFA on my computer?

Ads Keep Appearing

Advanced Virus Remover Disabled programs/Can't Scan

Ads In Internet Explorer Keep Popping Up While Not Using Ie

Ads keep popping up on all browsers

Add-On Posts

ads pop up on new page and this message also pops up

Ads on firefox that shouldn't be there

Ads Show Up The Top Of Every Page

Ads and a Virus

Ads Poping Up Recently

Advanced Virus Scanner has taken over my laptop

Advertisment Pop Ups In Internet Explorer


Ads by SpeedCheck won't go away

AdW Cleaner will not launch

Ads Virus

Ads popping up - Hijack Log Help Please

Ads and other annoying pop ups

Ads Popping up on my computer

Ads & Pop-ups malware/virus

Ads pop-up By I Want This

ads appearing in same window as I browse the internet

Adware ? Or Malware Problems

AdServer cpx IE8 unwanted browser startup

Ads and Redirected Pages

Ads by Advertise creating spam links/popups.

Advertisment and IE Keeps Popping Up

Ads from Malware?

Adverts/Web Pages coming up

Adware and Malware Problem

advanced virus removal / security tools malware?

Advanced Virus Remover has taken over my lap top

Advice On Installing Memory Please

Ads and unable to view removal sites

Ads poping up

Ads keep popping up

Advice on Keylog protection

Advice For Malware Removal

Adding Outlook

Adware- Pop Up Ie

Adminstrator's rights

Adware pop ups

Advice on my set up

Adware Pop-ups Were Getting Me Down

Advert virus

Ads By CoupCoup in Chrome

Adware Infection.

Adware issues

Adware Pop-ups (infection Unknown)

ads and new websites keep popping up when I am using the web

Ads Pop-Up Whenever A Link Is Opened - Another user

Advanced Virus Remover Hell

Adw cleaner - Should I clean the registry?

Adware Pop-ups / Pc Slowing Down

Ads and Pop-ups

Adware Popup From Topadware

Adware pop-ups and video in my browers

adware on my XP

Adware - editing registry

Advice needed on which security best to install on new laptop

Adware Central

adware popups

Adware That Starting Up On Reboot

Adware Installed - Please Help

Adware Popups Getting Me Down

Adverts appearing on websites

Adware Is Freezing Up.registry Key Detected

adware issue - need help

Adware On Taskbar

Adware Problem Please Help

Ad-w-a-r-e Opens Network Connection And Popups

Adware problem


Adware keeps popping up on most websites

Adware detected How do I clean it up?

ADware infected HKEYs

adware Infected Win10 Laptop - What next?

Adware virus (Priceless/NoMore Ads). Redirects google search and displays popups

Adware Affecting Computer - Constantly Sending Me To Spy Trooper

Adware problems.

Adware Popups I Can't.

Adware Help

advertising popups

Adware Or Virus?

Ads keep poping up in new tab

Adware Causing All Sorts of Problems

ads popping up on my webpages (even google) and redirecting.

Adware-like behaviors

adware/unknown network traffic; possible botnet

Advice on how to use the internet without leaving a trail?

Adware/Virus yuup search Internet/comp slow

Adware continues to trouble laptop; links keep popping up in webpages

Adware/virus Problem + I Can't Get Windows Update To Work

Adware/malware Help

Adware/malware Infection Need Help

Adware.advertising Malware

Adware/Malware on iMac

Adware Infected and Stuck

Adware/Malware problem

Adware Changing Webpages

Advertising on internet - combofix

Advertising popups in multiple browsers

advertising videos keep popping up

adwares and pop-ups on Chrome Adwcleaner log

Adware3 Problems

Adware stuck on toolbar.

AdwCleaner File To Look Over

adwares and trojans that don't get away

Adware/maware I Cannot Remove

Advertisements/google redirecting in new windows

Adware Popups Won't Go Away

adwcleaner suppress log

Adware?/spyware?/virus? = Pop-up Hell

Adware/possible Trojan.Easy fix?

Adware.MyWebSearch. is it gone?

AdwCleaner. What NOT to Delete ?

Adware.Snoozer.B infection. My AV cannot remove it

after clearing Windows xp fix infection

Adware infection when running RogueKiller Registry Scan

After removal Antivirus Security Pro virus computer boots only in safe mode

After an Infection I can't get some Services to Start

After A Virus Scan And Clean My Desktop Wont Appear. Please Help :\

After almost every Click in Chrome another Tab opens with spam

AdwCleaner Advice

Adware Issue (please Help)

ADWcleaner not removing tagged registry entries

AdwCleaner found infected registry

adware/malware/virus removal

After removing Dodgy Toolbars

After recently deleting viruses

Adz Galore Popups Wont Stop

After 2 scans AdwCleaner and Mbam keep finding adware

After removing malware my computer crashes on running full system scans

After Malware attack and PC reset

After removing malware: Windows Updates

Adware.please help with your best for cleaning and deterrence

After malware removal I cannot reload antivirus?

After Deleting Virus

After removing virus

Adware/Malware solutions didn't work

after malware attack

After Running Anti-Malware

AFP virus

Adware/Malware Virus - Hijacking?

Adwcleaner cannot delete a certain infection; other programs cannot even find it

Advanced Virus Remover-computer will not do anything

After Running Anti-virus Software

After Math of the Windows Anti-virus Pro Trojan

After MBAM for Win 7 Home Security- asks what file to use to open everything

After remove of Incredibar

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