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After 'file_recovery' virus removal

After Running Batch File

Affected By Spylocked Spyware/virus

Affected by virus

after windows recover virus

Aim Virus - Can't Remove.

Agressive redirct virus; Pleae Help

Alert: latest hao123 hijacks homepage *through your Windows desktop shortcuts*

Adware/malware Problems

Ah My Computer Is So Slow. Malware?

AGH I am getting close to reformatting.

After Trojan removal

Ahh. I am infected with some strange spyware.

Aghghh Tenacious Spyware Files

After Startup desktop looks fine but nothing works

After Virus Removal

After System Fix Virus

after running malwarebytes

Adwcleaner text log others will be posted after they are run.

Afraid I might have malware/spyware

After virus

after virus remove lost everything

All AV or Malware removal apps are instantly killed.

After running Malwarebytes on computer

All .jpg(image) files renamed & re-typed as .b567 file type

All anti virus updates disabled

All browsers hijacked Genieo

All internet use blocked

all exe. files turned to LNK

After restoring pc to original factory condition

al file cripted

all Files corrupted after virus attack

All files corrupted and infected by CryptoLocker. Help Please

All Antivirus Programs Disabled except avast

After fresh win 10 install on several devices drivers etc install with no intera

After uninstalling InternetDownloadManager Trial

All folder names -> Transparent :s

After one year of McAfee.

All Google Links & Antivirus Sites Redirect to Spam/Ad/Junk Sites

Adware or Malware threat?

After seemingly removing a trojan

All my files are corrupted

All my computers are infected

All attempts at fixing virus will not work

All my files renamed locked and encrypted. Help

All programs have turned into blank files

After reformatting XP

After removing a virus

All Administrator privileges disabled - Help

All malware scans freeze

All Kinds Of Popups Not Sure Why.

All Internet surf redirected to ads webpages.

All Icons On Desktop Get Highlighted

altering batch script

All applications are blocked from internet access

All these popups and stuff so annoying

all my computer programs have been deleted by a virus

Almost Cleaned Computer (?)

also getting redirected

all my folders are changing to shortcuts and they are becoming hidden

all settings wiped upon start up

All Steps Completed Up To Hijack

Alpha Antivius Malware Removal Help with log file

all virus programs disabled

All Add Images In Any Website Changed With Links To Different Sites

All Program gone Cannot run Malware

All programs list invisible

Am I Haked? Any Help Plz

Am I Infected: computer 2

Almost rid of rootkit/redirect/exe-killer infection

Am I being boss watched?

All my icons have become highlighted on desktop

Am i infected.? getting BSoD when starting pc

Am I infected ? What do I do ?

all files cripted

Am I infected-.aaa extension

Am I Being Keylogged?

ALL browsers open tabs to adverts - tried almost all scan software

Am I infected (I am pretty sure I have a key-logger)

Am i infected or is my pc dying?

almost ALL of my pics were delete

Am i infected with a keylogger?

am i infected and how do I resolve?

Almost sure my PC is infected

Am I infected? Computer acting strangely please help

Am I being spied on?

Am I infected ? Never had a keylogger before

Am I infected by Malware

Alphabetical Favourites

Am I infected? Computer acting weird

always getting trojans

Alphabetizing Ie Favorites

Am I Infected By Someway? Plz Help

Am I dealing with Malware?

Am I infected? Computer is slow and sometimes it crashes

Am I infected with a virus?

Am i infected with any virus

Am I infected? What do I do? Help please

Am I only allowed to make one copy of my Recovery partition?

Am I Clean? Programs Closing

Also with redirect problems that seem unfixable

Am I Infected - sure seems so

Am I still infected? Registry cleaner error

Am I infected? Help me

am I being hijacked?

Am I Infected With Spyware?

am i infected (don't know how this works)

Am my Computers still infected with Malware

AMMYY SCAM got me on brand new laptop. Help. Please.

Am i being key-logged ?

Am affected with spyware

Am I infected?.with Virut?

Amount Of Available Memory

Am I Clean From Malware Attacks After System Scans?

am i infected or do i have a key logger running around?

am i still infected. Cannot remove Bannerstyles15

Am Infected With Something But Can't Identify It

Am I infected? What should I do next?

Am I Infected? Computer Loads Constantly

Am having trouble removing mywebsearch

Am i infected? Strange error at startup most of the times.

Amazon/ebay Errors

Am I still infected? BSOD led to a Condiut infection.

Am I Infected? Windows Gets Hung Up On Both Startup & Shutdown

Am i infected. computer too sluggish.

Am I infected? Very slow XP.

Amaena.com + Popups. How Can I Get Rid Of Them?

All browsers showing unwanted popups ( adultcamerainfo etc) on all devices

Am I still infected? Got an extra disc

Am not sure what is wrong with my computer.

Am I totally clean?

Am I Infected? Or did iTunes just screwed up?

Am I infected? Mouse and keyboard don't work.

Am I using EFI?

AM I infected? Nothing has Turned up

Am I infected? My latest BSOD log

All system files infected?

am i still infected? scanned in safe mode already

Am I still infected? What do I do?

analog and digital TV and VCR - possible?

Am I infected? What should I do

Am infected and need help removing it

Annoying Ad Banners & Pop-ups in Google Chrome. Driving me CRAZY.

Annoying Browser Hijack and Popups

Annoying search engine hijack? Here is the log.

Andsome's Malware problem

Annoying Pop-ups On Internet Explorer

Annoying Cmd Windows Freezing

Am I infected i my have a keylogger

Am I keylogged?

Annoying Popup

Am I infected or is it just a pop-under?

An Annoying Infection- how to remove?

Am I infected or is this a hardware problem?

Annoying Ad Popups

Annoying pop-up out of nowhere

Annoying cell phone shaped popup and random redirects

Annoying redirections

Annoying Chkdsk When I Boot Up Pc

Anitvirus 360 blocking websites

Am i infected or something?

Annoying popups when clicking play on website video players

An infeection or Winsdowss issue?

Annoying Popup Ads Won't Go Away

Annoying Popup Ads.

Annoying Adware Popups

annoying Pop-up Adverts

Annoying And Random Popups

Animalware (without the t) Doctor infection--cleaned?

Annoying Internet Explorer ad keeps popping up.

Android phone/mail hacked & computer compromised

An Updating/upgrading Xp Query

Annoying Spyware Ads

Annoying Popups

Am I still infected? Have I destroyed my computer?

and they don't believe me when i say . u got spyware.

am i still infected? please help

Annoying Popups: Need Help Removing

Annoying Malware (I think)

Alot of viruses etc help

an annoying viruscan't be detected

Am I Infected? What Can I Do?

Annoying pop-ups and some software have no internet connection

Annoing & Stuborn Adds

An Annoying Ad That Pops Up

another computer infected with somthing

Annoying Pop-up Problems

Annoying Popups From Cpvfeed Slowing Down Internet And System

another google hijack

Annoying Popups Wont Go Away Despite Many Attempts

all sites related to google are blocked

Am I Still Infected And Other Problems

Annoying toolbar problem

Annoying Toolbars installing themselves

another google links hijcaked thread :)

Annoying Internet Explorer homepage hijack

Another Google Rediect Thread

Annoying infection. Cryptographic services won't run.

Annoying Browser Hijack?

Annoying Little Trojan And Pop-up

Annoying pop-up adds/redirects appearing as tabs

Annoying trojans

Annoying trojan(?) that wont delete.

Annoying Malware

Another Log from a diffrent computer

Anotify (AOL popup won't leave)?

Annoying Restricted Pop-ups & Ad-aware Crashes

Annoying Pop-up Problem

Animated Gif's Un-animated

Another SearchOnMe Thread

Another user with Web page redirects

Another infected computer

Another Infected computer- Need Help

Another Windows XP Restore infection

another infected pc

Another machine with Pop-ups

Annoying Noise When Capturing From Vcr

Another Machine With Popups

Another nasty Skybot infection

annoying Ad pop ups

Annoying google chrome ads

Annoying Phishing Site

Another Porn Site Redirect At Page Not Found.

Annoying Google Search Redirect

Another comp with Antivirus Soft Infection

Annoying Malware Problem

annoying search bar

Annoying Adware

annoying adware/mailware

Android - Something keeps redirecting me to from one site to other.

android: malware removal steps not working

Another Xp Anitvirus Infection

Annoying Open Web Search on start IE

Another One Needing Help With Pop-ups

Anti Cryptorbit not working with JPEG files

Anoying Advirtising Popups

Anti Virus wont install/uninstall

Anti Virus Pro and Automatically rebooting trying to get to Safe Mode

Another Laptop.

Am I infected? I can't find anything.

Another with MyStart Problems

Another Unwanted Redirect Thread

Anti Virus Detects But Can

Antimalware Doctor won't go after doing all the steps

Anti Spy Protector 2009 help [Moved]

Anti-Malware Programs find same infections even after clean/restart

Annoying Pop-Up Ads

Anti Virus Pop Up Ad

Annoying Pop-up Malware

Antimalware GO runs even in safe mode-Help

Another Google/Yahoo searches are redirected

Annoying Pop-ups All The Time

AntiMalware popup and download

Antispyware Application Has Got Me Down

AntiMalware Doctor Virus - A whole new thing =S

Anti Virus 2010 Infected Laptop

Anti Virus and Spyware removal programs acting weird

anti-malware shows rookitagent virus and wont remove

Antispyware2009 And Other Web Browser Popups

Antivirus 2008 Tojan/virus - Please Help

Annoying Browser Hijacker

Anti virus 2009 restoring deleted files?

Antimalware popup

Antivirus & Malware Software unable to clean Bamital & Olmarik trojans

Antivirus 2008 Attacking My Pc.

Anti Virus Programs Are Blocked

Antivirus 2010 virus - cleaners won't run

Antivir Solution Pro malware plaguing computer D:

Antivirus 2009 Website Hijack?

Antispyware Doctor / Rootkit / System Restore / ComboFix

Annoying Pop-ups; Spyware?

Antiviris 8 removal

Antivirus Live infected my computer; please help.

Antivirus 2009 Trouble - Just About Clean

Anti-virus can't delete viruses . . .malware. . . and corrupted files

AntiVirus Apps Remove Network Connection?

Antimalware Doctor infected. Cannot use USB or Download.

Antivirus 8 removal

antivirus ad popup/website popups

Antimalware virus problem please help

Antivirus 360 spyware

Antivirus 2009 and other ad pop-ups

Another Spyware I Can't Get Rid Off

antivirus disabler

Antivirus 360 won't go away. MBAM won't get it all

Antivirus 2011 entry in Add/Remove Programs but can't remove it

Antivirus and tools blocked

Anti Virus Disabled Crashing And Trojans

Antivirus Action infection; unable to boot in safe mode

Antivirus malware problem

Anti virus is being blocked

AntiVirus pro -rkill does not terminate it

antivirus shows clean

Antivirus disabled by virus - can't clean computer

Antivirus creation.

Antivirus IS Trojan Think I removed but have weird registry key :(

Antivirus removed trojan - How do I know if it's all gone?

Antivirus disabled

Anti-Virus Pro is blocking the use of of manually starting pc in Safe Mode

Antivirus Soft program. hundreds of popups. cant open anything.

Antivirus Plus Kills Malware Bytes Anti-Malware

antivirus finds fivipute.exe but don't know how to remove

Antivirus for Windows 8 (excluding Avast)

Antivir Pro Virus - computer stopped loading

Anti-spyware & Anti-virus Disabled

Antivirus being disabled & uninstalled

Antivirus PRO stays rooted after Malware removal

Antivirus is disabled

AntiVirus System PRO - require removal instructions

Antivirus Disable

Antivirus Software REMOVAL Help

Antivirus popup ad followed by persistent anti-malware blocking [Moved]

Anti-Virus Disabled

Anti-Virus Soft Infection PLEASE HELP

Antivirus Soft stopping Updates

Antivirus software not able to launch from attacked pc

Antivirus System Pro Malware [Moved]

Antivirus System Pro (popups and redirects)

Antivirus Scan Can't Remove

Antivirus programs not detecting infected files

Anti-Virus won't detect USB Wireless Keylogger.any suggestions?

Antivirus Soft won't go away - even after Malwarebyte's

Antivirus Program Disabled

Antivirus Scan Infection

Antivirus program not auto starting

Antivirus Suite - Help me remove this please

Antivirus System Pro somehow installed--files lingering

Antivirus Soft - Can't Remove

Antivirus Security Pro Virus won't boot Safe Mode

Anti-virus software acting odd

anti-virus programs become corrupted

Antivirus Soft - Trouble Removing

Antivirus Xp 2008 Removal Help/am I Infected? Can't Open Malware Removal Forum

Antivirus trigger affected something in the OS

Antivirus Removal Virus remnants

AntiVirus Infected

AntiVirus Scanner warns about potential threats

Antivirus System Pro is in my computer Quite annoying

Antivirus Security Pro infection-Safe Mode inop

Antivirus System Pro Malware Infection

Anti-Virus/Malware programs disabled

Antivirus XP 2010 Interference

antivius 1 spyware infection

Antivrus 2008- Have Already Run Combofix

Any tests to see if this network problem comes from an infection?

Any Ways To Enhance Wireless Connection/speed?

Any way to delete the OS while keeping settings

antivirus 7 infection

ANTIVIRUS XP 2010 (i thought i got rid of it)

Antivirus Software 'is Being Defeated'

Any Malware Left?

anyone know how to unlock laptop

Any SpyWare on my computer?

Any Spyware? Help me Please. Thanks

Any Advice Guys Please

Any Idea How To Customize My Bottom Start Bar And Stuff?

Anyone Using Netlimiter?

Any way to get logs of when computer was on?

Any Screenshots?

Anyway To Watch Hd Videos On My Tv From My Computer?

Any suggestions on a good LAN spying program?

Anyone hear of these trojans?

Any Tip That Can Hide Program From Taskbar?

Any tips to improve startup functioning as well as boot-up time?

Appear to have been keylogged

Appearance Of Trojans On Machine

Anybody Know How To Copy An Image This Way?

Appear to have tdss rootkit problem

Apple Music . Subscription malware ?

Anyone please tell me what virus I have so I can kill it

Any Virus?

Antivirus System Pro infection on laptop

Anyone have experence with bios infection?

Appears to be a trojan (not sure)

Anyone Know How To Capture Flash Video To Avi Or Burnable?

Application is infected problem for win XP

Antivirus uninstalled

Anyone Know How To Remove Ads From A Dvd?

Appdata Files Infected

Applications/programs Start On Their Own

apps will not run after virus infection

Antivirus soft and Rootkit - can't get either out

Are fonts or mp3s infectible?

Anybody know what sscan.xas is?

Are There Really Any Programs That Can Actually Make The Internet Faster?

As soon as I get rid of one.here's another

AppInit_DLL hijack

Ashish Dewan asking for help regarding installation of dual OS.

Are my files encrypted?

Apparent rootkit problems

Are my settings hijacked?

Are these malware?

Are routers hackable?

Anyone know how to sort out google search re-direct / flash pop up / other issues

Ask tool bar in Firefox

Are there any bad programs in my computer?

Any services which my PC doesn't need running?

ASUS laptop stuck in sleep/hibernate mode.

atapi.sys & adware on my D: recovery drive

Ask.com default and scvhost.exe is being blocked

Are There Any Tutorials Explaining How To Use Autoruns/startup

Assistance to remove Spigot Virus- Program Redirecting web searches to ad sites

Are you kidding me? Recovery Disk Goes to Desktop

Attempted Intrusion From Isearch Dns Request And goidr Dns Request

Anyone Know How To Stop Ddos?

Asnti-virus Software And Other Security Functions Disabled

Attempt to rid Malware freezes PC

Audio Ads and Eset detects Trojan?

Attempting to recover files (not icons/shortcuts) from Desktop after virus/error

attempted removal of trojans try to install malware removal software

At wits' end. Almost going to reinstall whole computer. Crazy pop-ups

Assistance Needed: User Profile Hidden/Locked

Audio Delay When Playing Movies In Wmp?

Attaching laptop to monitor using VGA

audio files and other things and my firewall

asus board of death

ASUS Laptop-Windows Vista Froze up when I tried using Firefox now won't restart

Archived files not extracting

Attempted Malware Removal

Audio Muting/Unmuting Unknown Infection

Attach printer?

Attaching Stuff To Emails

Attacked by System Check Virus Again

Asus x54C can't reload win7

Audio Ads/Blocked Internet

Attacked By Malware Please Help

Audio Not Loud Enough

Audio virus and not a clue.

Attach in e-mail

are manufacturers setting us up? virus related

Are my Drivers up-to-date ?

auto redirects from search engines

Audio/Video Distortion

Audio running under iGoogle- can't navagate away

Auto Scan and Clean for AdwCleaner Help

Audio/Video Issues after upgrading RAM

Audio Drivers malfunctioning Windows Vista SP2 64 bit

Auto Login For Outlook Express?

Auido Problems When Connecting Laptop To TV

Automatically come up Ads page.

Automatic Updates Not Working/malware Removal

Autorun.inf infection

autorun.inf in external devices

Autorun.inf question

Automatic opening pages n Firefox

autorun.inf trojan on USB-stick and computer?

AV and MB can't detect spyware/adware on my Laptop. Please help

Autorun.inf on my usb

AV created files need to be deleted?

Autoruns entry virus or malware?

autorun.inf virus

autoruns-how to run?

Automatically redirected to spam/ad search pages.

Autoruns Search Online Not Working

AV and malware scans say PC is clean. I dont think it is

Automatic & unwanted internet access by programs

Autorun.External Drives

Autorun.inf and Recycler folder on root of network drives

autoruns.exe confusion/problem.

Avast Icon Not Showing After Using Combofix.

Automatically taken to another site while on Myspace.

Avast not completing full scan - I think i have a spyware on my computer

Autostart : load

Autoruns Shows These As Missing From Driver Folder

Avast Antivirus behaving strangely (and another host of issues)

Autorun.inf in my computer drives

AV cleans same the same infections.

Avast Anti Virus Free blocks everything

autorun usb virus

Avast detecting Malware-help on getting rid of it-Windows 10

Automatically redirected to spam webpages

AVG can not be installed/Task manager disabled .

Avast blocking FRST download from this website - false positive?

Autorun? How to get?

AVG is alerting of threats and the windows defender+firewall isn't working and Malware can't delete Troijan or rootkits

autorun.inf virus become unremovable

AVG Stop

Avast disabled by Windows XP OS

AVIRA not removing virus'

AVG Rootkit detection

Avoiding Malware

Avira free version keeps finding Malware but unable to remove

Avira blocks d:\autorun.inf after virus removal

AXWIN FRAME virus - cannot remove

avira quick scan

AVG installation

Avira keeps blocking something

avicapq.dll and skssonbc.sys virus files

AVI Compressor in WMM?

Avg 8.0 Help Please.

Awful adware/trojans

Backdating Emails

Avira Antivir and the quarantine

Backdoor access to my computer

Back Up Files

avoid mcafee

Backdoor behaviour undetected by standard antivirus

Babylon search engine when opening additional tabs in IE8

back up HDD

Babylon toolbar and naybe more

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