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Computer restarted unexpectedly.windows installation cannot proceed installation loop.

broken Icons in tray notification dialogue

Adapter problem

Copy to CD missing in My Documents

Access Denied in msconfig--what this means?

Microsoft has finalized Windows 10

How to Use Your Free Windows 10 License After Changing Your PC?s Hardware

free upgrade to Windows 10 too good to be true?

clone back to 8.1 after Windows 10

log On To Window - Would Like It To Go Away.

My Pictures folder troubles

my computer and my documents and other programs close spontaneously [Computer 1]

not synched yet error message

Antivirus Scan malware can't get it removed and cant browse the internet

CPU isn't supported

no bootable devices.have to start computer in safe mode

Search in Start Menu not workig

Update to Windows 10 Headache Free With A Pre-Upgrade Checklist

Win 7 OEM and Win 10 would like it on two hdd so I can boot from both

What Does ?Defer Upgrades? in Windows 10 Mean?

windows Update Causing Issues.

Windows 10 will win yesterday's battle

softwarepay wiped d/top and files- must pay to retrieve?

Windows 10: Finally a decent Windows first release

(part 2) - Windows 7 x64 Will Not Start - Startup Repair - ci.dll - BSOD

Search pop up instead of opening folder

(Repost) Windows MSConfig won't open. All other solutions don't work. Help?

WMDRM on PC is corrupt

Right-Click/Explore on start menu items doesn't work

Should You Upgrade to the Professional Edition of Windows 10?

*MOVED* IE shutting Down

working on features 100% complete don't turn off computer

(part 3)-Windows 7 x64 Will Not Start - Startup Repair - ci.dll - BSOD

Want to remove the ads from Solitaire in Windows 10? $1.49 a month

:( I have no idea whats going on. I got rid of Windows Recovery yet problems still persist


(WMDRM) on your PC are corrupt

*Urgent*Trojan.Winup-Computer extremely messed up/virus detections=ETREMELY SLOW and unresponsive computer PLEASE HELP

Winload.efi is missing or contains errors BSOD

.exe Files For Antivirus Programs Are Being Deleted

(Fake Windows?) Desk top and taskbar gone

[Get help in windows 10] bing results spamming repeatedly and permanently

[Win 8.1] Chrome will neither work

[Discussion] Windows 10: Upgrade Path Experiences

[Windows 10] Double Click Dissapears Immediately or other times takes too long

[problem]sound Is Very Quiet

[Compilation] Windows 10 Tips

[DISCUSSION] Why you downgraded from Windows 10

[ASUS laptop - Windows 8.1 64-bit] Internet keeps dropping

> DDS_HJT Log -- (formid) Cursor skipping everywhere and freezing

0x00000124 Error on Hal.dll and ntoskrnl.exe+75bc0

1 hr boot time

.exe programs not opening properly after Norton reboot proxy malware infection

100% cpu win7 win10

10 minute boot up

10 minute startup time

[Win 10] Computer suddenly hangs and stops responding randomly during gaming


0xc0150004 Error

1/2 hour boot time

16bit apps

[Win 10] [Cbs.log][Error running sfc /scannow]

20 Cmd Prompts and 10 browser windows when booting

[Advice] Mention if you're running Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 when posting

[Anomaly] VirtualBox works on and off on Windows 10

10 Min Startup Please Help

100% CPU and Memory Usage. Poweshell Unexpectedly Stopped Errors

[Guide]Fix full disk occur on Windows 10 (video)

0xc150004 problems with my comp

15 svchost runnin? win10 weird stuff going on laptop(not a pc noob)

2 CMD windows flash by twice a day

2 or more usb devices causes jumpy computer

2015 Alienware 15 Blue Screen and Game Crashes

2mins+ System Startup

2 BSOD on a Clean Windows 10 install

21a Bsod Info

2 Drives Showing Up In Windows Explorer And Only One There

20 second black screen on star-up super slow system performance

2 Windows Home Edition's.

3 Rundll32

16 GB RAM and 16 GB Page files?

30 Ways Your Windows 10 Computer Phones Home to Microsoft

4 digit Pin Code not recognised

31 Processes Running On Windows Help?

100% memory usage on start up.

45-Minute Startup

7 Networking not working

5 minute + bootup

4 out of 8 gb of ram is detected/being used

A Stopped Working window appears and does not allow to run/start any program

90% free cpu free ram computer freeze/slow

70 Running Processes Help

2 Very Specific Windows 8 Problems

8.1 to 10 Backup?

A few problems: worst being I can't update windows

8.1 Random Freeze - WATCHDOG last crash. PSU? Opinions needed.

9 infections after clean windows 10 install

A new malware problem. changing desktop to website

A friend suggested I need to fix my registry to solve my problem no Idea how to

A lot of BSOD

A huge problem from a weird exe. Please help

A couple of questions about pirated windows.

Abnormal Memory usage

A Vista Partition Trick I Learned Today

a Wind 10?

Able to reinstall Windows 10

About:blank And Other Annoyances


Access Permissions in McAfee still exist for programs listed as gone?

Accidentally Deleted a Registry File

Accidently removed registry key. Nothing on Computer works including internet.

Accidently deleted desktop.

Acer Aspire laptop stuttering video/audio - lags entire system and programs.

A Window Vista mouse to a Microsoft Window Xp media

activated windows and still not connected to the internet

Accidentally deleted ComboFix

Activated Windows is Asking for Activation Again and Original Key Doesnt Work

ACPI.sys issues

About Product Keys And Activating

Accidentally Deleted Registry Files.

Active Windows Losing Focus

Account permissions & program access

activate windows screen after running corrupt registry fix

Ad Block windows 10

Ad page opening on browser startup (Win10)

Access to local synology server in my network places stalls

Ad-aware Se Causes Computer To Crash

Adding a RAID Mirror to my System and Getting BSOD

Add Remove Programs Won't Open

Adding apps to Startup?

Acer desk top will not boot Windows 10

Adding 3rd Party Themes to Win 7

Administrator problem?

Admin privileges disappeared.

Administrator Rights Problems

Admin User Files Not Funtioning

adobe auto updated and now system freezes at starting windows screen

Added memory now have severe lag in video files.

Administrative Rights Gone

Ads pop up that Ad-Aware doesn't eradicate

Admin Problems

Advertisements popping up in new windows unprompted

adminstrator with no admin rights can't access or move files C:

Adware Name: Adware/pesttrap. How Do I Get Rid Of It?

Advert Popups/Browser Hijacked - Windows 7 Pro ver 6.1 (Build 7601 SP1)

Advice On Slow Start Up

Advice changing from Windows 7 to Windows 10

Adding users without a Microsoft account

After entering password and loging in. I get frozen.

after entering password the laptop flashes between 3 screens

after infection removal can't connect to internet

Alienware windows 10 wireless to non-wifi Television.(Help please)

After clicking on an Windows Update screen I can't access my desktop

After a repair install

After updating to IE9 things are strange.

After Upgrade Problem

After installing windows 10 anniversary update BSOD on virtual machine host

After system crash.

Alienware and Windows 10

After logging on

After update - Windows Frozen

After Pc Work New Problems

After RootKit - How do I restore Data

After waking up from standby

All DLL's loading at startup

All Browsers unstable and sometimes system crashes

All folders and drives Not accessible Windows 10

After Windows Update

After refreshing pc

All my files missing after transferring to a new user account

All shortcuts can't be opened

All programs missing & much more

ALERT - Windows' clock problem

all sound gone

All Recording Devices keep muting themselves

All Programs Menu Gone

After removing Windows 7 Security 2012 computer worked for a day

All windows update fails system restore fails

All programs crash on open & can't access computer properties

all of my programs keep closing.

All User files have been moved to public folders

All Programs Empty and Screen Blue

All-in-one Comptuer Cannot Start

Am Getting Various Stop Errors When I Start The Computer

All Logs Required For Analysis.windows Xp.novice User.

Alternate method of burning DVDs?

Altnet (spybot S&d Nor Housecall Could Remove It)

All Major Windows Services Broken

all my programs are non executable

almost all programs missing

Always installing updates when shutting down

All personal files are gone

Am I infected with something? Endless reboot loop

All My Music Skipping Stuttering

Almost all all programs shortcuts gone.

AMD drivers causing BSOD?

AMD System + WinXP from old laptop of single-core Intel

am i infected? programs opeing on thier own

An Automatic Update Is Being Blocked.

Am I infected? What do I do? Combo Fix Report

An Anoying Folder Problem.

ancient brit hates windows 10

Annoying Issue

Annoying blocked file downloads

Annoying problem with application focus loos

Annoying driver download issue.

Annoying Ad that is blocking my background wallpaper

Annoying Run As pop up.

Anitvirus Not Working

Annoying Icon In Taskbar

Annoying Icon In System Tray - I Want Rid Of It

Annoying Issue With Mouse Location In Internet Explorer 7

An App that centralizes all of Windows 10 privacy settings

annoying windows media player 10 problems

Annoying text blurring

Annoying black flashing screen. Need Help

Alternative Sandbox protection programs for Windows

Annoying Sound When Pictures Appear In Ie

Another Painfully Slow System

Another Windows Update Situation

Annoying message continually repeating through speakers.

anti virus windows

Anti Virus System Pro and Internet Explorer Problems

Annoying computer hangup after startup (SOLVED)

Annoying Virus After 2 Reformats

Antivirus 2009 caused computer to crash.

Anti-virus & spyware programs just Hang.

antivirus for windows 10

Antivirus not starting & won't run.

Anti-virus not working

antiVirus 2010 removed but theres something else

Antivirus detecting Patched.A virus

Antivirus 360 - This thing is driving me batty

Anti-malware/spyware/virus blocked

antivirus software freezes during scan? virus?

antivirus gone

Antivirus stops working - Vista

AntiVirus doesn't start

antivirus installing disappear

Antivirus Security Pro (explorer.exe keeps restarting)

Antivirus will not longer run

Antivirus has been disabled by a virus

Antivirus Soft/Rootkit.Now computer running very sluggish

Anti-virus won't open

AntiVirus Vista 2001: used combofix all Word & Email files gone

Antivirus Security Pro won't let me do anything on my pc

Antivirus Security Pro - Won't let me boot into Safe Mode

Antivirus that might be compatible with Defender

Antivirus Stopped Working

Any kind of reboot and nothing happens

Anyone Else Having Issues W/todays Windows Updates?

Anyone else with Vista changes after last update?

Anyone Know How To Stop Windows Asking Permission

Antivirus System Pro; no Windows Start

Any auto wakeup software for standby in XP?

Anyone successfully removed AV Security from Win XP?

Any SFC Problems to be aware of?

any one help with fix any log items vista auto restarts

Any Way To Skip Welcome Screens

Any Of You Changing Your Login/boot Screen ?

ANTIVIRUSTGT knocking out touchpad

Anyone having Problems updating SpyBot S&D?

Aol Shuts Down On Me

AOL shuts itself down

Anyone risked Windows 7 upgrade without backing up?

aol start screen gone on start up

Any Antivirus program needed to supplement Defender in Win10?

Applications Not Starting Properly

Applications on windows wont load

Application Error 0xc0150004

application error 0xc150004

Application Won't Work After Computor Sets

applications in windows using high cpu usage after system recovery

Applications Won't Start Up


Apps will not open programs

Arial Font Is Messing Up

Are you ready for Windows 10?

applications won't start

Are you satisfied with windows 7

Applet/Settings/Option Window Size in Win 10

Asian character window appeared

Anyone else having trouble w Realtek HD Audio?

Are my security programs safe enough?

Are these protection softwares enough?

Are my Windows Updates on or off?

ASUS S200e running WIN10 no longer connecting to HDMI after malware clean up

Applications Error.apps will not run

Asus Wireless Adapter Disabling Itself

ASUS laptop crashing and creating new files on its own.

Assistance required with removing Windows 10 BSoD's

ASUS Laptop and Homegroup showing up when it wants to ?

Audio Fades In and Out Possible PCI related error

Audio Cuts Out; Only Restarting Restores It - ?


Assorted Windows 10/PC Issues

At startup there's redirection to minimal safe boot. Global setting w/ alt time

Audio Driver Gone.

Are important Updates for 8.1 necessary considering Win 10?

Audio driver issue-

audio loss problems

Audio driver problem

Audio Driver Crash

Audio Skipping when played in any program or streamed

Audio Issue

Audio Skips

Audio randomly distorting / jumping in volume

Audio Trouble

Audio Won't Work Right.

Audio not working after Windows Update?

Audio Echo on New Laptop

Audio breaks up while downloading or using other programs

audio/sound skipping

Audio crackling in game (DPC latency)

Audio Not Working Right.

Audio Problems

AutoKMS.exe - Office 2010 Toolkit How can I remove it completely ?

Autoplay Won't Reset

Automatic updates messes up my computer

Automatic Reboots

Automatic Windows Updates Disabled After Every Reboot

Automatically Defraging

Automatic Updates OFF - and wont turn ON

Autorun Cd Problem

Auto Updates Disabled

Autoplay crashing on start

AutoRun does not work when CD is Inserted

Automatic Updates Turned It's Self On. I Don't Want The Updates.

Automatic Updates Turned Off And Have Slow Computer

Automatic Updates is disabled

Autoplay on DVD/CD drives

Automatic Updates keep gettnig disabled

Automatic updates disabled and I cant turn it on.

Automatic Updates Have Swithced Off And Wont Turn On

Automatic Update Is Inactivated

Auto closes of Programs

AV suite & other things

Auto update to windows 10 ruined me

Automatically Closing Programs

Automatic Update turned off

AV Security Suite Removal Help & Complications

Autoplay treats game CDs as picture CDs

Auto update errors

Audio Issues and Windows running oddly

Audio Messed Up

Autorun Entry's

Audio Quits Temporarily Very Often

Autosizer by SouthbayPC.com on Windows 7

AV and Firewall for Computer Illiterate Senior Citizens

Autoruns / Windows 10 Compatibility?

Audio Device Problem

Avast Antivirus Crashed

Avast upgrade & Avira Firewall module not installed

avast upgrade headache

Audio Driver Installed but Sound Not Working

available space 0


Automatic updates infection

Avast4home Free N Zone Alarm Problems

Avg Found Lop Virus? \windows\systems32\vtssq.dll Need Help.here Is My Log

AVG couldn't kill 3 infections - Virus or Malware?

Avast & internet won't run

Avg Gone

AVG says rpcss.dll is Win64/Patched

AVG found win64/patched need help

AVG free update crash

AVG 2012 wouldn't start on boot

avira detected 64 hidden objects now it says i need a rescue cd

AVG Won't Install on New HP Notebook

AVG update messed up my computer.

AVG corrupted file no fix?

Avoid Windows Update Since Because No Need

Background Images For Windows 7

Backing up system32 ?

Balloon Tips registry entry keeps reverting to active

Bandwidth being used even after playback is stopped

Balloon pop up from Windows security Centre

Bad Virus or Trojan Has Me at Wits End

Battery system tray troubles

Battery life on Windows 10

bcmwl63a.sys windows 10

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